My Journey

My life as a full-time working mother was totally out of control.  Many days during my lunch I would feel depress and turn to what I called “retail therapy.”  Though it provided a moment of bliss, it also caused more debt – leading to more feelings of depression.  Then one day at work it all hit me.  The meeting was running late and one of my children now had to wait after a sports practice for me to pick him up.  The work meeting was filled with unchristian people talking about unchristian things…I said a prayer to God.  The prayer was asking him to have my children forgive me for not putting them first.  WHAT?  It was then I realized how foolish I have been – for a very long time.  Time for a change!

This blog is about my journey to being a better Christian, mother, wife, and friend.  By putting my faith first, I believe life will become richer and more enjoyable.  I will post bible lessons that help me along this journey and reflections of how my adventure is going.  Please follow my journey and share your stories of faith.  Better yet, start your own journey in putting faith first!


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