He made you because He wanted to!

Day 8:  Planned for Pleasure

God didn’t have to create me or you. He wanted to! That’s a huge difference. Just think about. He created us because he wanted us to be alive. That alone makes me feel very special.

We are not on this earth for our pleasure but for God’s pleasure. He gives us the ability to enjoy pleasures and it pleases Him when we are happy.

Worshiping God is our way of giving him thanks for creating us. Worship isn’t something you do just on the weekends, it should be happening all the time. When we go to work or clean the house, we should do it all for the glory of God. The next time you hit the snooze button in the morning because you are dreading going to work, be thankful God has given you a job! Work for Him. If you appreciate what He has given you, perhaps He will give you more responsivities – like a promotion. You just never know what he has planned.

Think about a task that you can’t stand to do. For me, it’s cleaning the dirty dishes. But tonight I’m going to clean those dishes so Jesus can eat off them…maybe sing a little while I clean.


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