Woe is Me

Day 5:  Seeing Life from God’s View

How’s life? Ever ask anyone this question? Been asked? I usually say life is great! I notice when you pass people in the office and say, “How are you today?” The usual response comes in the voice of Eeyore, “Everything is great.” Sometimes you’ll get, “Great, how are you?” Only that person just keeps walking. So one day, I decided to tell everyone I was terrible. No one knew how to react. It was quite comical.

The way you see your life shapes your life.

If you look down on everything and just see negativity, then that becomes your life. I recently fell into an “Eeyore” way of life. Gotta get up, fight with the girls to get them ready, drop them off, go to work, grocery shop, then pick the girls up, listen to the baby scream in the car, make dinner for the kids, clean the kids up, reading time with the kids, then put the kids to bed and then there’s no time for me to do anything fun cause I’m so tired. Woe is me….

Here’s a better way to look at it:  I am thankful and so lucky to have kids to love and that love me back. There’s nothing better than their hugs and giggles. I am thankful for a house to clean. I am thankful for clothes to wash. I am thankful for a job that pays. God has blessed me so much – it’s awesome!

This life is a test. The Bible is full of these tests. Like Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden being tempting to eat the fruit. You will fail tests and you will pass some as well. You are shaped by what you learn during these tests. It’s up to you to be positive and remain in faith or become an Eeyore.

Life is a trust. God entrusts us with responsibilities. How are you handling things financially? Do you think God would approve? I know I am failing that class for sure! I need to give more and spend less on needless things. The more God gives you, the more responsible he expects you to be. Please, God forgive me for wasting money. Please help me spend, save, and use any financial blessings to serve you better.

Questions to ponder:  What happened recently that was a test from God? What are the greatest responsibilities God has given me?

My children are one of the greatest responsibilities God has given me. I am tested on a daily basis with my patience as a mother. Kids screaming for no reason. Kids being disrespectful. I have very strong-willed daughters. It can wear you down and sometimes I start yelling. Those are the times I fail the test. I will keep trying to improve and look for ways to deal with these stubborn girls.

A perfect example of my preschooler’s thought process happened one night at dinner. It seems every night we go through the same routine of how many bites does she have to eat and she negotiates on how to get a cookie. It’s tiring. Finally, one night I just yelled, “I don’t know how many bites! How many bites do you think Jesus would want you to eat?!” With a devilish smile and sweet voice she replied, “Jesus would want me to take one bite and share the rest.” Needless to say, I pray daily for patience.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11


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