Forever is a long time

Day 4:  Made to Last Forever

I’ve heard several people talk about how old they want to be when they die. Most say one hundred. We are born with the urge to live forever because God installed that instinct into our brains. This life right now is just a preparation for the next – for the “life eternity.” So what’s it going to be:  Heaven or Hell? I’ll take Heaven!

So if this life is just a short preparation for what’s to come, why do we place so much value on materialistic things? Why do we rack up debt? I’m guilty of it. As a mom, I want my children to be happy and sometimes I spoil them with new things. Well, not just sometimes, but a lot. I should be spoiling them more with “my time.” Being a working mom, I feel guilty I am away from them and it makes me feel better buying them things. It’s wrong. Part of me is starting to think it’s selfish of me to work, but because of all the debt I’ve created, I don’t have a choice right now. Shame on me. I beg God for forgiveness on a routine basis for this. It’s a habit I’m working on breaking.

The more we work on becoming closer to God, the stresses of life lessen or perhaps even disappear. I know this works. I was working in a very stressful job, unable to dedicate my time to my family. I started praying to God for guidance. Then one day, a meeting was going into overtime and I couldn’t pick my son up from his practice. I was frantically texting friends and neighbors to see who could help me. It dawned on me that the meeting was absolutely ridiculous, negative and a total waste of my time. I got up and left. Kindly said I have a family matter to attend. The next day, I started searching for a new job that offered more flexibility. I took a pay cut but I found a job that helps me put my family first. I was praying to God, and still do, to help me prioritize my life to have Him first and my job last. Slowly, I’m getting there.

Your purpose in life isn’t just this life on Earth. It doesn’t end when you die. It continues on into eternity.

We are made to last forever.

What is something you can stop doing and something you can start doing to bring you closer to God? I can stop using credit cards to buy things my family doesn’t need and I can start attending church more often – stop using the kids as an excuse to get out of going.

God has…planned eternity in the human heart. –Ecclesiastes 3:11

“Surely God would not have created such a being as man (and woman as well) to exist only for a day! No, no, man (and woman) was made for immortality. –Abraham Lincoln


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