Day 4 Give Thanks to the Lord

November 4th Today I give thanks to the Lord for those who teach, mentor and coach our youth. Our school system is extremely blessed with some great teachers and coaches. Our son had a difficult time learning to read and write. Luckily, there was a wonderful teacher who had such extreme patience and love for what she does. She made school fun and our son excelled. I thank the Lord for giving her those talents. We were also blessed with a great tutor during the summer who made up the best games for learning and she has become a dear friend. I thank the Lord for bringing her into our lives every day. Now our son is in high school and participating in sports. The cross-country coach is amazing with the boys. I love how he cheers on even the slowest boys and helps them improve. I thank the Lord for him and the confidence he has help build into our son. At a recent meet, I noticed not all coaches share this same philosophy and I pray to the Lord to show them a different way of coaching with encouragement instead of embarrassment.

Being a mentor takes a lot of patience and responsibility. It reminds me of 2 Kings, how the prophet Elijah saw the young man, Elisha. Elijah saw something in Elisha and mentored him, teaching him everything he knew and shared his struggles and experiences in life. In today’s world, teachers and coaches undergo extreme scrutiny. I’ve always tried to follow the lead of teachers in my children’s education, instead of dictating to them how it should be done. After all, God chose them to teach and He picks those who can handle the emotional stress of the job – obviously I’m not one of them.

Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, cause you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. – James 3:1

Tonight I will pray in thankfulness for all the wonderful and dedicated teachers, mentors and coaches in the world. I also pray for God to renew their want and desire to lead our youth with excitement and encouragement.


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