Day 1 Give Thanks to the Lord

Upon reading a devotion today, this question came about: Do you think your friends and family would characterize you as a grateful person? As of late, I have to answer that question with a huge NO. I started this blog to journal my struggle with putting God first. It’s something I have struggled with all my life. It’s not an easy task. I can honestly say I have a good balance between work and family but God and church still falls at the wayside. I haven’t been to church in quite a while and I fall asleep while saying my prayers at night. The further I fall away from God, the more negative I become.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever. – 1 Chronicles 16:34

Since November is the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to take on the 30-day thankfulness challenge. Every day I will pray, reflect and write something I am thankful for. God has giving me so many blessings that I do not deserve. I am a most ungrateful servant and hopefully by doing this challenge, I will not only grow closer to Him but also return to a more positive outlook on life. So I start with the one thing I seem to be most resentful towards – my husband. I have had this crazy resentment towards him since I became pregnant and this feeling only grew after our beautiful daughter was born a few months ago. Why? It could be hormones or just plain craziness but it needs to stop.

Here we go! 30-days of thankfulness…

November 1st:  I am thankful to God for the love he has given to my husband and I to share with one another. I am thankful to God for providing me a best friend – that one person you can share anything and everything with – the person who rejoices in your successes and holds you when you fail. I am thankful for a husband who cooks! Yes, he cooks and he cooks most of the time. There’s no way I would be able to work if he didn’t do most of the cooking. I am thankful for his support in my career – he is my #1 fan! I am thankful for the text messages I get every morning saying how much he loves me. He gives the best hugs and foot rubs too! I am thankful for his unselfish ways like allowing me to park my car in the garage during the winter so I don’t have to worry about cleaning off the snow. I am thankful to God for providing my husband with a career that contributes to our financial well-being. I am thankful to God for providing a husband that loves his children. I am thankful to God for answering my prayers about my wishes for my husband to accept Jesus into his heart

Today I pray for forgiveness. Forgiveness for taking my husband for granted.


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