Update #3

The last update I said I was going to tackle some of the debt I have – embarrassing as it is.  Well so far since the beginning of year I have paid off three credit cards!  I hope to tackle two more before the newest addition to our family arrives in September.  I’m pregnant!  Yahoo!  I’m am so thankful to God and amazed at how much He has blessed my family with so much love and grace.

Since putting God first and placing my career behind Him and my family, I’ve noticed a change in my attitude. I’M HAPPY!  I’m a more positive person and my thought process is slowly changing. The more I study the bible and pray, the stronger my faith becomes.

At the same time, I am becoming more and more aware at how so many believers and non-believers struggle around me.  My eyes have been opened to how our society is slowly becoming one of hatred and jealously.  The bible I study and the words in it tell me to love everyone – no matter what!  Why the prejudices?  Why the discrimination?  I just don’t understand.  Lots of prayer needed for this subject.

I also struggle with how I can devote time or service to God and the church.  Right now my time is consumed with the kids.  Then it dawned on me that raising my children to know God is my service right now.  By watching our toddler, my husband and son had time to coach youth basketball at the church.  I was able to serve by helping others gain the time to do so.

Perhaps I need to volunteer to watch children at the church to allow other parents to serve.  I can take my youngsters with me and have some fun for a few hours.  If I get that call, I’ll do it!

Next goal:  become a more compassionate person.

Remember, all this is slow process.  You must keep trying!


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