We Need a Cake!

The power of prayer is crazy.  You can toss it up to coincidence but sometimes it’s hard to explain.  Last night I prayed for guidance in raising my children and asked God for a yearly review of my motherhood performance for 2014.  This morning, while driving our two-year old daughter to daycare, this conversation happened:

D = daughter; M = me (mom)

D:  We need a cake!

M: Why do we need a cake?

D:  For the birthday.

M: Who’s birthday?

D:  Baby Jesus

Then she started talking about Santa:

D:  Santa is gonna bring presents.

M: What kind of present is he bringing?

D:  I get tutu.

M: Why is he bringing you a present?

D:  It’s Baby Jesus birthday.  Everyone gets presents.

She then went on to explain that her brother will get soup, her father gets clothes and I get new boots (I love boots!).

Then it hit me that God was perhaps answering my prayer from last night.  A two-year old was explaining to me about Christmas and how it was a celebration of the birth of our Christ.  A 2-year old!  Perhaps it was God’s way of telling me, “Hey, you’re doing alright as a mother.  Keep up the good work by raising children to know me.”  Coincidence…maybe.  One thing I do know, when you pray you become ten times more aware of the world around you.

So we are starting a new tradition in our home on Christmas Eve – baking Baby Jesus a birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!


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