Christian Mothers Must Support ALL Mothers

Recently at a high school sporting event, a mother of one of son’s teammates ask me how I can be friends with a woman whose son has so many drug problems and issues with law enforcement.  She questioned, “Aren’t you worried your son will start using drugs?”  I was taken aback by the boldness of this woman and, at the same time, worried how other parents view me.  It occurred to me right then and there that I must stand up for my struggling friend.  Why?  Well, I’m a Christian mother.  Shouldn’t all Christian mothers help any mother, regardless of circumstance?  Here was my response as best as I can remember:

“Yes, she is my friend.  She needs friends right now.  After everything her son has put her family through, they’ve lost so many friends.  Her story is not mine to tell but I will convey that no matter what happens, I will always be there for her.  You can raise each child the same way and each child will end up different from each other.  As parents, we can only do our best and sometimes, that may not be enough with the world’s temptations surrounding our kids.  As a Christian and as a mother, I feel we should never turn our backs on mothers in need.  I will pray for her and for you as well.”

The mother had a look of total disgust on her face or perhaps it was shock or maybe embarrassment.  After the sporting event, that same mother approached me again and apologized.  She thanked me for making her realize that mothers need to support one another.  It was truly a God inspired experience.  Working moms, Stay-At-Home moms, moms of various religions, moms of all ages need to support one another and help raise our children in this day and age.


We must all love another.  Love the mother who has the perfect students, love the mother who has the beautiful models, love the mother with the superstar athlete, love the mother with the drug addicted son, and love the mother who is quick to judge others.

Embrace the mother raising children alone, embrace the mother who lost a little one at any age, embrace the mother raising a child with special needs.  As Christian mothers, we must love and embrace all mothers.  Besides, they will know we are Christians by our love.


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