Update #1

As soon as I put God first, amazing things started to happen!  Reading a devotion when I first get up in the morning, always put me in a good mood.  Then reading a devotion at night gave me peaceful dreams.  After just a month of putting God first and praying for others, I have received many blessings.  I’m not sure if it’s because I look at the world in a different light or because I’m taking action – perhaps both.

I prayed for career guidance and guess what?  I found a new job!  Let me emphasis this…a job I actually LOVE!  A job doing the things I love to do (like write).  This job also allows me to have more time with my family.  I come home in a good mood and ready to have fun with the kids.  The tension out of my shoulders is gone now.  I shocked myself when I spoke so freely about being a Christian during the interview – all my former interview training says not to do that but I don’t care anymore.  Thank you God for this wonderful blessing!

Also, I’m making a commitment to see my parents at least once a month, they live a distance away, but within a nice drive.  My relationship with my mother has never been better, not that we had a bad one to begin with.  I’m so thankful my children get to see their grandparents more as well.  By tossing aside my selfishness, my family has never been happier and that brings me such great joy.  Thank you God for this wonderful blessing!

I’m now working on listening…this may be a hard one.  I’m hoping that by listening more, my patience will grow and my awareness of what God brings to my life will increase.  I feel like I knew “of God” but not God.


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